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Bye Friday's! [09 Apr 2013|04:34am]
Goodbye is never easy
and never fully fun
Bidding adieu to a chapter of life that had long ago begun
Through stained Dickies and late nights
Through spoiled bacon and bar fights
To no one showing up to my birthday dinner
To everyone showing me how much they're going to miss me
Over and over again

Nervousness gave way to nonchalance
And nonchalance catalyzed a new Renaissance
A realization that I'm 24
And life progresses whether I've progressed
Or not

Terrified to leave but even more scared to stay
I'm twenty fucking four
And it's time to move on
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Lessons in love [30 Nov 2010|01:04am]
Loving my boyfriend as consciously as he always deserved

So this is what it feels like to be empathetic

Effort in all matters is such an easy thing to forget

Still all I know is love heals madness
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Writer's Block: Mind reader [14 May 2010|12:03am]
In three words, describe what's currently running through your mind.

love love love
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[25 Apr 2010|10:27am]
Nevermind, I'm better again. Funny how it goes--the ebb and flow of mental stability...

Slash: I started a recovery blog as kaylanonymous if anyone cares to add me :)
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[25 Mar 2010|01:45am]
I think it's happened. I've talked about my mom so much, I don't care anymore. It's not bothering me. Wow. Talk therapy. Who knew I believed in that crap?
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[08 Feb 2010|10:09am]
I think I'll myself a nice Michael Jackson looking nose job. And a boob lift. Just kidding about the former, but the latter is totally for real. I've told my boyfriend many a time: once I have our children, I'm getting my ball-in-a-sock boobies lifted, tucked, and plumped. No shame in that. I have no problem with plastic surgery as long as it looks good. Otherwise, you've just paid $10,000 for people to point and laugh at you.
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[21 Dec 2009|10:50am]
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[04 Aug 2009|12:56am]
Is it wrong that elliott smith makes me happy, not sad?
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Sorry, friends only. [23 May 2009|03:47pm]

Comment to be added.
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